Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Summer Movie Wrap up! Big year for sequels and stand alone films alike.

Well first and foremost, sorry for the lack of previews and reviews here. It’s been a rather busy summer for me, with several life changing events (some minor like a move to a new location; to more major like getting married!) But despite these changes I was able to squeeze some film watching here and there. 

What can be best said for this year’s summer of films? Well some can say it was a summer of entertainment. Technically as it should be… if not, then these blockbusters would have failed from the very beginning. Others might say it was a summer of reboots, and this I would agree with more. Think about it, with re-launch movie of classic films, such as the new Star Trek franchise, the new Superman film, or even G.I. Joe, were all created from previous older films and television shows. Granted, some were better than others, and others still in truth have no business being rebooted. This of course will not stop those to reboot other classic film franchises and cult classic films. Even now, plans for next 3 sequels to the Star Wars films (previously mentioned in another article), a reboot/sequel of the 80’s classics Ghostbusters, and Robocop, this reboot genre is not going away anytime soon.

Speaking of sequels, there were plenty of them this year…especially this summer. Some were added well scripted films dedicated to a successful franchise series such as The Dark Knight Rises, or The Hobbit, Fast and Furious 6 (yes I actually did like this one), or even some aspects of Kickass 2, which was a surprise for me, since I remember only marginally liking the first one. Others seemed to be quick add-ons for the sake of making some quick money and nothing else, case in point: G.I. Joe Retaliation. And surprisingly (or not so surprisingly since this is Hollywood we’re talking about), some film’s plots were nothing original. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the film “Olympus has Fallen”, pretty much the same film as “White House Down”? Also, weren’t both films were only within a few months from their premieres’? Yikes.

Still, there were some promising stand alone films, I had the opportunity to see, and enjoyed. Both “Elysium” and “Oblivion” are decent sci-fi films that do send their own unique messages of hope among despair. I will do reviews on both of these films later on, but wanted to mention them in this post to highlight that there are still a lot of good films still being made. And I for one will not stop seeing these films anytime soon. Which reminds me, anyone got any spare tickets for this year’s TIFF? Just wondering...


  1. Looking forward to your review on Oblivion. I did see it, not sure what to think about it. Haven't gotten to Elysium yet.

  2. Oh, and no apologies necessary - your rapt attention was most definitely required and better-focused elsewhere!


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