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We are contemporary Christians who review movies. We are not from the religious right; we're not suspicious of everything, nor do we attempt to sterilize a story. We see beyond the medium to the message. We are not ambiguous - we believe that Jesus is the Saviour, we believe in righteousness by faith, we believe in the Bible...we just see things in a more contemporaneous light.

Here, we'll talk movies, theology, the Christian life. But, please be aware, this is not your garden variety Wednesday night prayer meeting - here, we keep it real.

By the same token, not every review will force some message-oriented conclusion or reach for a connection to our understanding of the gospel. Sometimes a movie review is just a review of the film from any number of viewpoints.

Christian plumbers do not turn the water coming out of the kitchen faucet into wine. Christian pool installers do not make it possible to walk on the water. Christian police officers do not turn the other cheek or forgivingly wave speeders through the radar trap. So, Christian movie reviewers can also speak to a movie without twisting things out of context or complicating the task at hand - to review movies. We are movie-reviewing Christians: if there's a message to illuminate, we'll certainly enjoy doing so; where there isn't, we won't make stuff up.

And, once again, be reminded - although we try to avoid "spoilers" (revealing a critical plot twist or exposing the secret that makes the film go), the very nature of the analysis we are providing will at times make it difficult (notwithstanding research from the University of California at San Diego) for someone to appreciate the movie the first time if you read about it here first. As such, if you see on the title cloud at the top of our site just below the banner a movie title that you want to watch, do yourself a favor and see the movie first before reading any of our reviews. Then come back here and share your thoughts - agree or disagree, we welcome both.

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P.S. Please see our tributes to "the R".

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