Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Anti-heroes, the Good? the Bad? or something in between?

We all know in the majority of all storytelling, there are protagonists (whom are typically the archetypal heroes and focal characters of the story), and the antagonists (whom are usually the ‘villains’ or main opposition to the protagonists). Both are prevalent and are usually included in most story genres, including movies. At time however, those typical archetypal roles, can be blurred and not as clear as to whom the ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ is. This is epically true with more complex storylines and the likeness of the characters within genres of storytelling, movies, being no exception. Some do not carry the typical morals of the atypical hero. Some are deeply flawed in personality or by interaction. Some do not always take the moral high road, yet might pick certain heroic traits here and there (though not all of them). As you’re probably aware by now, this it what we refer to as Anti-heroes.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alternate Reality, Why do we seek it? Where? and to what end?


When one hears the term, “alternate reality”, one might think of a different world, or a subconscious level of living like a dream state. Others may think of a completely different state of existence from their current one, while those that are more technically inclined, may think of alternate or fractured timeline changes due to a different choice or interference (directly or indirectly) in the space time continuum (some of you trekkers out there love that last one I’m sure). What’s interesting is that of late in Hollywood, many movies have taken on the form of storytelling by adding on to various degrees of an alternate reality (A.R for short) in its content.