Latest updates

February 2017

Started hyperlinking Bible references to BibleGateway.

December 2013

Added a label cloud for "Settings/Locations." 

October 2013

Removed genre labels from Themes and Topics cloud and added them to a new cloud just for Genres, following the year of release cloud.

January 2012

1. Masthead image
First, we've changed our masthead image; not only to freshen things up a bit, but it's also a smaller image, giving more screen real estate to content.

2. Movies List
Previously, our movie list was on a page that the visitor had to click to see. We also had a tag cloud that included titles, years, names, and themes, that was down the right sidebar. 

We've made the titles and themes lists much more accessible, by presenting the list right across the top of the site - visitors no longer have to click or scroll to get to the list.

3. Separate Tag Clouds
Further to the above, we'd previously had one long tag cloud that jumbled movie release years, titles, names, themes and other tags all together. We've broken up the one big cloud into several specific clouds:
  • across the top we have a titles cloud and themes cloud; 
  • down the right side we have a movie release year cloud and names cloud (actors, directors). 
  • do we need a "genre" cloud as well (comedy, sci-fi, drama, horror...??)
Again, these changes allow visitors to "see" more content more quickly without having to scroll as much.

We hope these changes improve the visiting experience, and welcome any feedback letting us know if these changes do make things better or not.

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