Monday, May 27, 2013

Star Trek: Into the Darkness, In my opinion, very entertaining film for both trekers and noobs alike!

Well with all the bantering happening with all the changes Disney has made (and is still making) with various Star Wars projects, most of them being cancelled incidentally, many are questioning what Disney’s angle with all of these various takeovers that are happening, first with Marvel, and now more recently with Lucusfilm (there’s already an article about this, so please check there first. I might do a "part two" of that topic later on). But back to the topic at hand - JJ Abrams sequel to the re-launch of the Star Trek series, “Star Trek: Into the Darkness.” 

I must say this was a very well made film. It was entertaining, surprising, a lot of inside and more obvious jokes, and plenty of action with good CGI that wasn’t over the top. Much like its predecessor, this film kept with the alternate timeline created in the first film. However while doing so, they re-told one of the classic tales from the original Star Trek series in its own unique way. 

As a long time fan of all of the Star Trek franchises, I’m glad they kept to the originality of the series, while at the same time developed new and unheard of sequences that was never in the original series. But again, this is a different timeline from the original; therefore you can experiment with many different aspects of the story without it looking like a re-hashed variation of the original, which is why I love this concept of an alternative past. By the way that too is also a staple of Star Trek, the space/time continuum theory, which works well with this series.