Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (Looks like Mike got it right!)

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When heard of this upcoming 3rd film, I wasn't sure how it would go, considering how the 2ND film for this franchise was a

Then the early reviews came in from the critics. They were iffish to plausible in the rating for the film. Which of course made me skeptical of it.

But then I what alot of the general movie goers said about it after it premiered. Nearly all of them gave the film very positive reviews. Particularly the ones that grew up with the cartoon back int he 80's like myself. So for me, this was an unusual situation. The usual critics were indifferent towards the film, but the fans loved it. Hmmm.. Well you know me, even with off or iffish reviews, if it's a film I have a feel for I will go see it for myself, regardless of critical reviews.

Well let me say that this film is a vast improvement from the 2ND Transformers. Mainly because of 2 things:

1) It seems that Micheal Bay actually listened to the fans compared to the producers with this. Packed more action and less explosions. Also kept the storyline entertaining without it getting to derailed from the original storyline or adding too many elements to confuse even the most die hard fan.

2) Speaking of fans, He also added in some nice parts reminiscent to the original cartoon (like the Megatron Lincoln Memorial incident) or Optimus using that glowing axe (also from the original cartoon...I mean it look it up in its first season!)

The film in itself flowed fairly well. Not too many slow spots, and the conspiracy angles were pretty interesting. Does make me wonder if they should make a 4th one, how that would play out.

Overall it was a pretty good film. slightly better than the first one, far better than the first. I would go into more detail, but like I always say , see the film for yourself. But if you do, I can give you my personal recommendation that its worth the time and investment to see it.

Oh and I did see it in 3D, but save your money and see it in regular 2D, Its a nice concept but I feel the movie industry is milking this new 3D angle a tad too much than its worth.

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